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Celebrating the Remarkable Resilience of our Partners

For Canada’s children’s hospitals, the work of improving health outcomes for children and youth never stops. With the support of our partners, our children’s hospitals are constantly advancing research, improving their delivery models, and enhancing their equipment and facilities to better support children and their families that need them.

The benefits extend far beyond our own hospitals, helping young patients everywhere, from remote communities in Canada to clinics and hospitals around the world. This year, amid the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, our 13 children’s hospitals and foundations worked harder than ever to come through for kids, and we were deeply grateful to have our partners by our side every step of the way.

A Message of Gratitude from Mark

Mark Hierlihy

Canada’s children’s hospitals are deeply grateful for your steadfast partnership during this extraordinary year. Even as you managed the exceptional demands of 2020 in your own businesses, you found new ways to come through for kids.

With your support, children’s hospitals were able to adapt and innovate in 2020, responding to the year’s challenges and laying even stronger foundations for the future. Many rapidly adopted virtual platforms to ensure that young patients would have access to the care they needed. Pediatric teams navigated unprecedented operational complexities to continue delivering treatment and care. Hospital leaders reached beyond the walls of their institutions to help protect the health of their communities and of all Canadians.

As hospitals made these extraordinary efforts, our partners were by their side. You sought new ways to support children’s hospital foundations in your communities – engaging your teams and customers, and using fresh approaches to get others involved. Canada’s 13 children’s hospital foundations join me in thanking you for every part of your work with us this year. We’ve always been grateful for your support; this year, it meant more than ever.

Our Impact

Partner support helps children’s hospitals meaningfully enhance the treatment and care they deliver today – from creating child-friendly environments to providing advanced equipment that makes pediatric surgeries less invasive. You also help to fuel research and innovation to drive tomorrow’s breakthroughs, delivering brighter outcomes to more young patients and their families.

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How Canada’s children’s hospitals are delivering care is changing!

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*The above decreases can be attributed to elective surgery cancellations and people’s reluctance to visit hospitals in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research is being conducted to ensure kids get the right care in the right place at the right time, be it in-person (at hospitals) or virtually.

Our partners’ support allows us to invest in research and innovation, which will provide hope and new treatments for the future.

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Our partners’ support allows us to ensure our physical spaces match our standards of care.

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Your Impact Across Canada

Together we achieve national impact – one community at a time. Every dollar our partners raise in their communities stays right where it belongs: supporting sick and injured kids through their local children’s hospital. These community efforts combine to make an enormous difference across the country, strengthening Canada’s entire network of pediatric hospitals.

Revolutionizing treatment and care through research

Our partners’ support allows our children’s hospitals to invest in research and innovation such as clinical trials and other research initiatives. Some were initiated rapidly to study the effects of COVID-19 on children. Many others focused on treatments and cures that will continue delivering benefit long after the current public health crisis has passed.

Right care, right place, right time

From training frontline staff to sharing innovative delivery models, support from our partners and donors help Canada’s children’s hospitals expand access to timely, effective care across the country. This year, partner and donor support helped us quickly adapt to the pandemic, reconfiguring our physical spaces, scaling up virtual care, and collaborating in new ways.

Creating healing environments

Children have better health outcomes when they are treated in child-friendly environments that are also tailored to give families dignity and privacy. In 2020, partner and donor support helped children’s hospitals adjust processes and facilities to keep everyone safe during the pandemic and beyond. Your support also helped us keep moving toward important long-term goals, such as the opening of a new Children’s Heart Centre in Manitoba.

Investment overview

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Where your support goes

100% of contributions from our partners and donors goes directly to our 13 children’s hospital foundations.

The funds our partners raise locally always stay local, addressing needs and priorities close to home. But no matter which children’s hospital in Canada you support, your funds make a positive difference in three key areas of impact. You help to ensure that kids and families get the right care in the right place at the right time; that hospitals and care teams are equipped to provide child- and family-friendly environments; and that leading-edge research and innovation continue to help children live longer, healthier lives.

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We’re here for kids because they need all of us. Thank you.

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