Annual Impact Report 2021

Going the Distance for Kids


This year, children’s hospitals across Canada continued to deliver vital treatment and care to sick and injured children while navigating the added demands of the ongoing pandemic, including urgent vaccination campaigns.

As always, the work of children’s hospitals extended far beyond the walls of their own facilities. From advancing medical research to providing health guidance to schools and community organizations, strong hospitals benefit all young people — not just those who use the hospital directly.

Donor support helps hospital teams continue to make essential contributions to children’s health across a wide range of activities and communities. Thank you for being by our side as we go the distance for kids.

Young people have really been suffering during the pandemic. BC Children’s Hospital has been helping our patient population – as well as health care providers – build essential mindfulness skills for navigating this time.

Dr. Dzsung VO

Director of BC Children’s Hospital Centre for Mindfulness

Three areas of impact

Children’s hospital foundations in Canada collectively focus on three key areas of impact. In 2021, donors helped to drive numerous hospital initiatives in each area.

Revolutionize Treatment and Care through innovative research and discovery focused on areas of significant need.

Revolutionize Treatment and Care through innovative research and discovery focused on areas of significant need.

2021 initiatives:

  • Clinical trials to understand the unique effects of illness in children, including COVID-19.
  • The development of innovative devices, such as robotic supports for kids with mobility challenges.
  • Optimized treatments developed at the frontiers of precision medicine.

Enable Right Care. Right Place. Right Time — no matter what a child’s injury or illness.

Enable Right Care. Right Place. Right Time — no matter what a child’s injury or illness.

2021 initiatives:

  • Rapid expansion of virtual care services, including to remote northern communities.
  • Online learning hubs and child-friendly emergency knowledge resources for kids and their communities at large.
  • Family supports and training for parents expecting new babies.
  • Ongoing upgrades to maintain world-leading pediatric facilities equipped to treat the most serious cases.

Create Healing Environments that not only make children better but make them and their families feel good too.

Create Healing Environments that not only make children better but make them and their families feel good too.

2021 initiatives:

  • Medically advanced yet friendly rooms for kids of all ages — designed to welcome families and friends, too.
  • Spaces that minimize trauma and emotional distress, and introduce fun wherever possible.
  • Art, music and pet therapy to help kids heal and keep feeling like kids when they’re in the hospital.

The Story of 2021

We don’t know where Aubrey would be without her medical team and the knowledge and technology they’ve been able to provide. We’re especially grateful for their support in helping her receive treatment at home, so our family can be together, rather than apart for months at a time


Mom of Aubrey, a four-year-old Stollery Children’s Hospital patient.

Funding Overview

Our partners and donors contributed more than $53.8 million to children’s hospital foundations across Canada in 2021.

Another reason to celebrate

A new partner, the Thistledown Foundation, contributed $26 million this year — over and above the remarkable fundraising total achieved through our planned partnership efforts.


Revolutionizing Treatment and Care


Right Care. Right Place. Right Time.


Healing Environments


Research papers published


In-person visits




Active clinical trials


Emergency visits


Sessions of art and pet therapies


of hospitals made upgrades^




Virtual visits

^ All 13 children’s hospitals used donor funds to upgrade facilities or equipment.

* Median number of languages into which hospitals translated clinically vetted materials.

Note: CCHF’s national statistics reflect input from 13 hospitals, each with its own data-gathering practices. All figures are carefully vetted for accuracy, but variations in reporting periods or other differences may sometimes lead to discrepancies, especially undercounts.

Being in hospital for long periods to receive cancer treatment, often in quarantine, can take a terrible toll on patients and families. Donor support has helped us acquire chemo pumps, letting more patients receive treatment at home. For kids with cancer, being at home with their toys, games, siblings and loving caregivers makes a hard road easier.

Oncologist Dr. Donna Johnston


Your Impact Across Canada

Together we achieve national impact –

one community at a time.

Every dollar our partners raise in their communities stays right where it belongs: supporting sick and injured kids through their local children’s hospital.

These community efforts combine to make an enormous difference across the country, strengthening Canada’s entire network of pediatric hospitals.

I thank the team at Children’s Hospital Foundation (CHF) for being part of positive change and doing more than talk about reconciliation by taking reconciliACTION.

Rebecca Chartrand

Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Circle to CHF of Manitoba. Several children’s hospitals and CCHF member foundations partner or otherwise engage with nearby Indigenous communities and organizations.


The funds our partners raise locally always stay local, addressing needs and priorities close to home. We asked the 13 hospitals in the Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations network what their most urgent priorities are as they look to the future.

Here’s where they’re aiming to invest in 2022:

Pillar theme

Revolutionizing Treatment and Care

Pillar theme

Right Care. Right Place. Right Time.

Pillar theme

Healing Environments

Our research, enabled in part by donor funds, focuses on creating the best and most supportive conditions for women and families during pregnancy. This in turn promotes the healthy development of children in the first years of life, a period that affects lifelong heath.

Dr. Sylvana Côté

CHU Sainte-Justine researcher and psychologist

Thank You

We’re here for kids because they need all of us.

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