2022 Annual Impact Report

Making a Difference for Local Kids


Photo Credit: Caroline Perron

In 2022, children’s hospitals across Canada responded to extraordinary levels of demand for care.

Hospital teams raced to respond to an unprecedented spike in respiratory infections while continuing to deliver treatment and care across all the areas patients always need – from surgeries and accident trauma to cancer care and acute mental health support.

Donor support made a vital difference for kids and families by providing care teams with the resources to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing local needs. We’re deeply grateful to our donors for being steadfast allies at a time when their support mattered most.

Three areas of impact

Children’s hospital foundations in Canada collectively focus on three key areas of impact. In 2022, donors helped to drive numerous hospital initiatives in each area.

Revolutionize Treatment and Care through innovative research and discovery focused on areas of significant need.

Revolutionize Treatment and Care through innovative research and discovery focused on areas of significant need.

2022 initiatives:

  • Pediatric research focused on ease of breathing – specifically asthma and allergies
  • An interdisciplinary partnership to bridge the research-to-practice gap in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Innovative work to apply artificial intelligence to key neurodevelopmental disorders such as dyslexia, autism and schizophrenia.

Enable Right Care. Right Place. Right Time — no matter what a child’s injury or illness.

Enable Right Care. Right Place. Right Time — no matter what a child’s injury or illness.

2022 initiatives:

  • Delivery of diverse mental health programs, including innovative online offerings
  • Work with Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP), a national research mobilization network
  • New investments in equipment for simulation-based training, to build readiness for urgent care scenarios.

Create Healing Environments that not only make children better but make them and their families feel good too.

Create Healing Environments that not only make children better but make them and their families feel good too.

2022 initiatives:

  • An in-hospital Indigenous Community Healing Space
  • Virtual reality-enabled mental health programs
  • A mobile ICU to transport sick and premature infants by air.

I was really upset about having to go in for chemo and not feeling like a normal teenager, but everyone at the clinic made my treatments so much easier than I’d expected.


Cooper was treated for a brain tumour at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Funding Overview

Our partners and donors contributed more than $56.4 million to children’s hospital foundations across Canada in 2022.


Revolutionizing Treatment and Care


Right Care. Right Place. Right Time.


Healing Environments

Impact by the numbers

Through a remarkable $56.4 million in total giving this year, Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations partners and donors delivered vital support to Canada’s 13 children’s hospital foundations. Care teams across the country were grateful for this support as they worked to meet unprecedented needs in areas ranging from mental health to emergency care.

Key Trends in 2022

In-person visits surged back to beyond pre-pandemic levels.

Late in the year, many emergency rooms were operating far above capacity.

Hospitals worked hard to catch up on pandemic related surgery backlogs.


Research papers published


In-person visits


Active clinical trials




Virtual visits


Emergency room visits

CCHF’s national statistics reflect input from 13 hospitals, each with its own data-gathering practices. All figures are carefully vetted for accuracy, but variations in reporting periods or other differences may sometimes lead to discrepancies, especially undercounts.

Ryder’s care teams were there every step of the way, from start to finish. It opened my eyes to how much the IWK does for so many families.

Brenda, Mother of Ryderwho was born 10 weeks early with a range of health concerns, including two lung diseases and a rare heart defect.

IWK Foundation

Local giving, national impact

Changing children’s health across Canada –

one community at a time.

Every dollar our partners and donors give to their local children’s hospitals stays in their own community, helping sick and injured kids close to home.

At the same time, donor support gives hospitals the flexibility to engage nationally – for example, participating in research collaborations and sharing leading practices – to strengthen pediatric care from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Like a car that helps you park, the CPR Feedback System prompts us to enhance our delivery of CPR – for example, optimizing the speed and depth of chest compressions. This lets care providers focus more of our attention on the patient’s overall condition and needs, and ultimately improves our ability to save lives.

Dr. Vince GrantEmergency Physician, Alberta Children’s Hospital,

describes crucial CPR Feedback technology the Emergency Department was able to acquire with donor support.

Dr. Vince. Grant

Thank You

In a challenging year for children’s hospitals, kids and families needed all of us – every partner, every donor, every dollar. Thank you.

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