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In a year of disruption and uncertainty, Walmart Canada was once again Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Canada’s top fundraising partner, delivering remarkable levels of support for children’s hospitals across Canada. Through two powerful point-of-sale campaigns and numerous other modes of engagement, associates and stores showed a steadfast commitment to sick and injured children and their families. Thank you.

A Message of Gratitude from Mark

Mark Hierlihy

Canada’s children’s hospitals are deeply grateful for your steadfast partnership during this extraordinary year. Even as you managed the exceptional demands of 2020 in your own businesses, you found new ways to come through for kids.

With your support, children’s hospitals were able to adapt and innovate in 2020, responding to the year’s challenges and laying even stronger foundations for the future. Many rapidly adopted virtual platforms to ensure that young patients would have access to the care they needed. Pediatric teams navigated unprecedented operational complexities to continue delivering treatment and care. Hospital leaders reached beyond the walls of their institutions to help protect the health of their communities and of all Canadians.

As hospitals made these extraordinary efforts, Walmart was by their side. While some popular fundraising activities became impossible, you sought new ways to support children’s hospital foundations in your communities – engaging your stores, associates, and customers, and using fresh approaches to get others involved. Canada’s 12 children’s hospital foundations join me in thanking you for every part of your work with us this year. We have always been grateful for your support; this year, it meant more than ever.

Year in review

Walmart Canada extended its extraordinary record of support for Canada’s children’s hospitals in this year like no other. You not only maintained your status as the top fundraising partner of the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) in Canada, but you also managed to realize a year-over-year improvement in overall contributions – an achievement that attests to exceptional dedication across all 408 stores in the country.

We are deeply grateful for your continued engagement this year. Even as you adapted to the operational challenges and uncertainties of the pandemic, you reassured us of your firm commitment to supporting Canada’s children’s hospitals – proving once again what an extraordinary partner you are.

Walmart’s two major national fundraising initiatives with the Children’s Miracle Network program, the Spring Campaign and the holiday-inspired Spark A Miracle Campaign, delivered strong results. While shopping habits and expectations changed as the public adapted to public health restrictions, your associates’ efforts to continue making a consistent ask – with an adjusted tone to reflect the new social reality of COVID-19 – helped keep the needs of sick and injured children front and centre as customers made their purchases.

Like many events across the country and around the world, Children’s Hospital Week (CHW) was cancelled this year as travel was constrained to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Walmart Engagement

Above: Opération Enfant Soleil holiday fundraiser at Walmart

While this meant that Walmart’s traditional sponsorship of Champions’ travel to and participation in CHW did not take place, Champions and their families appreciated that Walmart maintained its generous practice of sharing gifts with these young ambassadors – a kind gesture in a difficult year.

This year, as every year, Walmart kept its eyes on the future: growth, opportunity, and innovation. Major investments in ecommerce infrastructure as well as a new hybrid concept store in Vaughan attest to your readiness to keep pace with evolving customer needs. Inspired by your drive to innovate, Canada’s children’s hospital foundations look forward to working alongside you to offer associates new ways to engage and customers new ways to support their local children’s hospitals.

Financial overview

Walmart Canada has a long history of supporting children’s hospitals across Canada. Since first donating to Canada’s children’s hospital foundations in 1994, you have contributed over $169 million.

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Result Summary

walmart financial overview legend

Total Contributions (2012 to 2020)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Total Giving
(include underwriting and in-kind)
$ 9,177,497 $ 8,510,989 $ 8,384,068 $ 8,004,456 $ 9,459,193 $ 11,664,504 $ 14,893,569 $ 15,633,157 $ 16,361,173
Percent change N/A -7% -1% -5% 18% 23% 28% 5% 5%

Recognition and engagement

Through the Children’s Miracle Network program, Canada’s children’s hospital foundations sought opportunities to celebrate and promote Walmart Canada’s efforts to support the health of children and youth.

Walmart Social Posts
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In addition to spreading the word through traditional channels, our team and partners posted and shared news about Walmart Canada’s efforts on social media.

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*includes posts on CMN Canada social media only

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Commitment coast to coast

Together with Walmart Canada, we are enabling impact across the country, store by store. Every dollar that customers contribute locally stays local, inspiring neighbours and associates, and supporting patients and families nearby. This local impact – often benefiting the families and loved ones of Walmart customers’ and associates’ – is part of what keeps Walmart Canada teams active, year after year.

Connecting in new ways

Walmart Canada stores across the country found smart ways to adapt to the pandemic and continue raising money for sick and injured children.

Coming through for kids

In a year when adapting their core business required plenty of energy and attention, Walmart teams across Canada still dug deep to continue supporting children’s hospitals.

Creativity and commitment

Motivated to make 2020 the strongest year ever despite its challenges, some Walmart Canada associates found creative new ways to extend their support.

Reaching new heights

Many Walmart Canada stores achieved their best results ever in 2020, delivering new levels of support to kids and families in a year when the extra help was especially welcome.

A strong partnership

Sparking change for Canadian children and families since 1994.

Thank you, Walmart.

Children’s hospitals across Canada are grateful for your support and commitment – this year and every year.

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