Annual Impact Report 2021

Going the Distance for Kids


In 2021, Walmart Canada remained the largest private sector contributor to children’s hospitals across the country — a powerful expression of its corporate commitment to “Strengthening local communities. Working together to spark change.”

With strong support from its associates and customers, Walmart Canada has been a steadfast partner of Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) since 1994. This long-standing relationship is an inspiring example of the difference an organization can make when it commits to going the distance for kids.

Thank you.

Highlights of 2021

Highlight 1

Through energetic promotion of the Icon Campaign, Spark a Miracle Campaign and other fundraising initiatives, Walmart Canada raised a remarkable $16.9 million for children’s hospitals across Canada in 2021. This outstanding total brings Walmart’s cumulative giving to an unparalleled $186 million.

Highlight 2

Going over and above an already substantial commitment to the two seasonal point-of-sale campaigns, Walmart Canada teams pursued additional fundraising initiatives online and in-store. Notably, a local granting program made possible by sales of the Walmart Teddy Bear delivered a total of $200,000 to local hospitals.

Highlight 3

Walmart Canada teams across the country continued to find ways to build strong relationships with young Champions; these patients represent their local hospital communities as well as the millions of children who are treated in Canadian children’s hospitals each year. Among other events and opportunities, each Champion was granted a $500 spending spree at their local Walmart store.

Highlight 4

This year we were pleased to begin working together toward the development of new technology platforms to facilitate new modes of giving for Walmart associates, including volunteer engagement. New opportunities to contribute will support even stronger relationships between children’s hospital foundations and Walmart Canada associates from coast to coast to coast.

Financial summary

$16,929,228 raised in 2021

3% increase over 2020

$186,510,001 total giving since 1994

Totals by Fundraising Activity

Result Summary

Total Contributions (2014 to 2021)

2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Total Giving
(include underwriting and in-kind)
$16,929,228 $16,361,174 $15,586,901 $14,853,569 $11,664,504 $9,459,193 $8,004,456 $8,384,068
Percent Change 3% 5% 5% 28% 23% 18% -5% -1%

Recognition and engagement

CMN is proud to help spread the word about Walmart’s generous investments in children’s health. Together, we let associates and customers know about the important work underway in their communities – and remind them that they can be part of it.


Estimated reach of television & radio broadcast:

Estimated reach of television & radio broadcast:


Estimated reach of local & national public advertisements:

Estimated reach of local & national public advertisements:


Total circulation of print recognition (including annual reports):

Total circulation of print recognition (including annual reports):


Total # of engagements* per post:

Total # of engagements* per post:

*includes engagements from CMN Canada and 12 member foundations social media


Total # of impressions/reach*:

Total # of impressions/reach*:

*includes impressions/reach from CMN Canada and 12 member foundations social media

Commitment Coast To Coast To Coast

Through your partnership with CMN,

Walmart achieves impact across Canada,
store by store.

Every dollar customers contribute locally stays local, inspiring neighbours and associates, and supporting patients and families nearby.

This local impact – often benefiting Walmart customers’ and associates’ own kids or other loved ones – is part of what keeps Walmart teams energized year after year.

Four children’s hospitals operate under the OES umbrella including two of our very own: CHU Sainte-Justine in Montreal and Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre.

Thank you, Walmart.

Children’s hospitals across Canada are deeply grateful for your partnership – this year and every year.

Download a PDF of this year’s impact report.

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